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When a plumbing disaster hits, one of your first thoughts is probably, “Okay, can I take care of this myself, or do I need to call a plumber?” Here’s when it’s time to call Black Diamond Services, and when you can start planning a DIY project instead.

Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing Properly

Toilet flush issues are typically caused by tank and handle issues, which means it’s time to pop the lid off and take a look. If you can find out which tank component isn’t working, it’s usually a simple matter of picking up a spare part and replacing the damage. Toilets work on a basis of suction and gravity, so nothing is particularly complicated. If you can’t locate the source of the problem, or the problem doesn’t seem to be in the tank at all, it may be a good idea to call a plumber instead.

There’s a Clog in a Sink

Try the basics first: See if you can pull the clog out via drain cleaning, and try an enzyme-based drain cleaner to see if that helps settle things down. If nothing is working and the clog appears to be deep in your pipes, it’s a good idea to call a plumber. While you can rent a drain snake yourself, without residential plumbing experience using a drain snake or similar device, you can make the problem even worse.

Your Pipes are Rattling

A lot of different things can cause noisy pipes. If it’s a real rattling sound, your pipes probably need new fasteners and supports, which can often be a DIY project. If it’s more of a banging or thumping sound, then you have problems with water hammer and may want to talk to a plumber about water hammer solutions and how to install them.

You Have Hot Water Problems

Call the plumber. Don’t try to mess around with your hot water heater or water tank yourself. Hot water problems can be serious, and there’s not much a DIY project can do here. Arrange for an inspection to see what the problem is. If your water heater appears to be fine, look into insulation for your pipes, which can help keep water warm in colder climates.

Leaks Around the Tub

Sometimes this can be caused by cracking or missing caulk. Reapplying caulk is a simple DIY project, but make sure to get the right type of waterproof silicone caulk rated for use on your tub. If your caulking is still intact, there’s a more serious issue at work, and you may need professional help.

Damaged Pipes

Pipes damaged from accidents or frozen water are a danger to your home. Shut off water to these pipe and call a residential plumbing expert immediately.


Call in a plumber if you need new or renovated plumbing. This isn’t the time to try a DIY project if you don’t have the necessary experience or knowledge of local regulations. If you aren’t sure if your project requires any plumbing changes, give us a call and let us know what you’re planning.